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Factory Kit - What comes inside the box


Factory Kit is our latest product. Think about it as Tulip in a box - it has everything you need to start building IIoT enabled manufacturing apps. So what comes inside the box? Read on:

  1. Subscription to Tulip’s Manufacturing App Platform. Our award winning no-code platform out of years of R&D at MIT's Media Lab lets you build apps and analytics through an intuitive drag and drop app engine.
  2. Ready to use apps: Factory Kit comes with ready to use apps, such as a 5S app, a digital poka yoke app a quality check app and more so you can achieve a faster ROI.
  3. Out of the box analytics: The Kit includes several reports already built as well as the ability to quickly customize and create new ones.
  4. Tulip I/O Gateway: Our proprietary gateway allows you to interact with the other Factory Kit devices and connect them to the manufacturing apps you build. Beyond the included Factory Kit sensors, we have a growing list of supported devices that you can connect to extend the capabilities of your Kit, so if your device is supported, you can use it with Factory Kit.
  5. Tulip Light Kit: Guide picking and placing operations at the workstation using our Light Kit, Tulip's pick-to-light (PTL) solution. The Light Kit lets you illuminate the right bins at the right time from within a Tulip app and it includes two LED strips and a controller box.
  6. Break beam: This sensor enables your apps to react to movement. Use it with the Light Kit to guide operators when they reach into the wrong bin or for other uses.
  7. Barcode Scanner: Use the barcode scanner to dispatch applications based on work order or part.
  8. Foot Pedal: Use the foot pedal to interact with your apps in a hands-free manner.
  9. Tower Light: Add an andon light to your workstation to enable visual management at your shop-floor.
  10. Temperature and Humidity Sensor: Build apps that monitor and react to your factory’s environment with two Phidget sensors that measure temperature and humidity.
  11. Training Resources: Access all the resources you need to get started and master Tulip’s platform, including a knowledge base with how-to articles, guides, webinars and more.
  12. Live Support: Chat with a customer success expert from Tulip within the app anytime you run into a problem and need support.
  13. 1-1 Consultation: Receive a complimentary 1-1 consultation with a Manufacturing Apps expert from our team to learn how you can use Tulip to overcome the challenges of your operations and ensure you make the most of your subscription.

We've designed Factory Kit so that in less than 2 hours you can connect all your devices and build your first app. Want to get some inspiration? Read about 5 apps you can build out of the box.

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